Taking a Leave of Absence

Marion Gilbert|Jul 29, 2016

Dear Narrative Enneagram Community,

Due to unforeseen and sudden circumstances, my time and attention are fully required in my primary business, a physical therapy private practice, for a period of time. The wellbeing of this business has been threatened and will potentially affect the livelihood and the lives of 12-14 employees, and my successful transition into becoming a full-time Enneagram teacher.

After careful deliberation and with sadness in my heart, I have requested a leave of absence from my teaching engagements for ESNT, effective August 15, and will need to postpone my other Enneagram workshops. It is my deepest wish and intention to return to teaching the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition as soon as I can.

Other ESNT Core Faculty members have graciously offered to fill in for me during my absence. Over the years, the Somatic Enneagram curriculum has been co-taught with Terry Saracino and Renée Rosario. I have full confidence in their abilities to teach the Somatic Enneagram Awareness material. In my heart and spirit I will be present in this amazing work you all have chosen to engage in.

In the spirit of our Enneagram Narrative community, we are blessed to have each other in times of difficulty as well as in times of joy. I have deep gratitude for the understanding and support of ESNT and my co-teachers during this challenging time for me.

With deep appreciation for our work,

Marion Gilbert

3 Comments to “Taking a Leave of Absence”

  1. Ahshua Bolton|

    Dear Marion,

    You have been such an integral part of my own journey. I wish you the very best in these trying times as you return to your primary business to shore up things there. You are sorely missed and never forgotten.

    Love, Ahshua

  2. Walter Beam|

    Dear Marion,

    Sending you warm and best wishes always.

    ” Do not praise yourself not slander others:
    There are still many days to go and any thing could happen” – Kabir

    Thinking Well of You, Walter Beam 9 SP

  3. Gail Williford|

    Marion, I had not seen this post until today. I certainly hope that you will re-enter Enneagram or other healing ministry opportunities soon. You are a gifted teacher, guide, researcher, and companion on the journey. You make a difference in many lives, mine included.

    May all be well for you, your family, and work.


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