In Loving Memory of Tracy Colina

Terry Saracino|Feb 13, 2019

Tracy Colina of Ohio, a longtime and very integral part of the Narrative Enneagram community, died on January 27. Even if you never met her in person, it is likely that you interacted with her if you enrolled in one of our programs prior to fall 2014. As our Training Program Manager and Registrar, she greeted you by phone or email when you inquired about a training, answered your questions, shared her enthusiasm for the Enneagram, and managed the myriad logistical issues and details involved in organizing classes. She was the “voice” of the Narrative Enneagram for many years, and her influence was immeasurable.

Tracy was also a co-founder of the Enneagram Center of the Ohio Valley, a thriving nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a more compassionate world through the Narrative Enneagram.   

She will be particularly missed as a member of a longtime Learning Community in Dayton, OH. As news of her death spread through our community, her goodness, kindness and tender, loving spirit were recalled over and over again. Her playful humor, on particular display as she danced with abandon, top hat in hand, is a memory indelibly imprinted in many of our hearts.  

As I remember Tracy, my heart is filled with her gentle and loving presence. I’m grateful for her more than 20 years of dedication and care for the Enneagram and our organization. May she now be free to dance her heart out in the way beyond.

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