The Practice of Reflective Awareness

Helen Palmer|Nov 8, 2014
Helen Palmer

Whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, this 40-minute audio by Helen Palmer offers clear and valuable guidance on how to relax your Enneagram type structure.

This guided meditation was recorded in October 2014 during “The Enneagram: Inner Work for Outer Change,” a one-day workshop in Cincinnati, sponsored by Enneagram Center of the Ohio Valley.

11 Comments to “The Practice of Reflective Awareness”

  1. Petra Lackey|

    This is the most valuable teaching on the planet. I would love to deepen my understanding and bring others to their respective place of peace.

  2. judy gohman|

    Oh what a joy! Your voice is so soothing and your words so wise. We love you Helen.

  3. Tolga Kalavak|

    I really appreciate that you shared this recording, its very precious really.
    I would like to ask if the text of this recording is available. Thank you

    • Joan Steele|

      Is it possible to download or get a copy of this talk or is it for sale?. I have a number of Helen’s talks but this one is the best.
      Thank you

    • Pat O'|

      Hi Kay, As for now there is no way to purchase this recording, you may want to “share” it to your timeline on FB to keep easy access to it. During the weekend workshops when Helen teaches Deepening Spiritual Awareness, she does a series of guided meditations including one for each of the types and those workshop recordings are available for participants to purchase from the workshops they attend, also the Enneagram Intensive includes a series of guided meditations from Helen that have been pre-recorded.

  4. Bettylynn Stoops|

    Thank You for sharing this audio, to have another reminder of moving from the Vector of my type (auto response) to the Vortex or vertical living by engaging the silent witness who has no judgement or opinion.
    This allows me to walk with my eyes wide open with a more objective view of reality.
    What I focus on expands.
    Our universal challenge is to allow ourselves to release our own suffering (what ever that may be) to a larger reality that holds us in a more objective (less charged) way of being…

    You are the stir stick in the coffee cup of the universe! JoniB quote…

    As an ESNT practitioner I commit to practice more and more.

  5. Patsy|

    This was such a beautiful free gift on our true reality, objective reality which is unlimited, unconditional, and impersonal, but inclusive of conditioning and the personal. Very practical how breathing can get us into the natural state free of structures , how the mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time, and how we are best able to be in relationship with others in the objective reality of now. Thank you, Patsy enneagram 4


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