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  • breaking-out-of-the-box-72dpi
    Breaking Out of the Box DVD: Discovering the Enneagram

    Originally shown on National Public Television, this DVD featuring Helen Palmer shows you how to identify your own type and profiles three people who changed their lives by studying the Enneagram

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  • Men and Women on Relationships DVD cover
    Men on Relationships and Women on Relationships

    This DVD combines two classic videos, one featuring women and the other men, showing the nine types on the universally important topic of relationships.

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  • Enneagram Nine Points of View DVD Cover
    Nine Points of View

    Systematic, thorough and moving, Nine Paths Video DVD with David Daniels, MD and Courtney Behms illustrates how the Enneagram provides the keys to understanding ourselves and the people in our lives.

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  • Enneagram Patterns of Being DVD Cover
    Patterns of Being 4-DVD Set

    Recorded during one of Helen Palmer’s workshops in Boulder, CO in April 2012, the Patterns of Being: Where the Narrative Meets Integral nine-hour 4-DVD set illustrates the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition in your own life, while enriching you with the unique insights and perspectives revealed by the Integral approach – one that combines the best elements of what all of the world’s cultures tell us about human potential, including spiritual, psychological and social development.

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