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Our Narrative Enneagram Curriculum’s rich, integrated structure makes it easy to find just the right programs for you. The heart of the curriculum is the Enneagram Narrative Core Program, freestanding and complete in itself for your own personal development, or the starting point if you want to become proficient as an Enneagram Narrative Teacher or apply the Narrative Enneagram in your professional work. This is the first stage of a living, growing and changing body of work that will continue to evolve as we gain newer insights and enhance our teaching methods. We are an IEA Accredited School. Download or view a more detailed Enneagram Narrative curriculum flow chart.

Visit our calendar to see upcoming Narrative Enneagram Curriculum programs, International EPTPs and workshops offered by our Core Faculty. Or find Core Faculty and international Training Associates by name or location

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Integrating psychological, spiritual and somatic practice

Terry Saracino, ESNT Founding President and Core Faculty member, introduces the integrated curriculum.

Enneagram Narrative Core Program

These foundational courses are freestanding and open to all for personal development. They also are the starting point for our other curriculum programs.

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Expanded Enneagram Professional Training Program

We offer two certification tracks – one for aspiring Enneagram teachers, and one for therapists, counselors and coaches who work one-on-one with clients.

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Ongoing Personal Development

Explore here to go deeper and work with the Enneagram in life and relationships.

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