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Enneagram Narrative Curriculum

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Enneagram Narrative Conference, Guangzhou, China
Nov 19 - 21
with presentations by Helen Palmer, Peter O'Hanrahan and Monita Choi

 For more information, contact PG Seminars at info@pgseminars.com.

The Enneagram Intensive, Guangzhou, China
Nov 26 - Dec 1, 2016
with Peter O'Hanrahan

6 days This workshop offers a deep, transformative experience of the Enneagram, focusing on the integration of personality and spirit. Whether you are new to the Enneagram or a ...

The Typing Process, Guangzhou, China
Dec 3 - 6
with Peter O'Hanrahan

2½ days THE TYPING PROCESS focuses on developing the skills that are essential to the Narrative teaching approach – typing interviews and panel interviews. Step by step, students are guided in the ...