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2014 EANT Conference, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 9 - 11

Join us as we gather with the Enneagram Narrative Tradition community October 9-11! This year’s focus includes the Enneagram’s gifts as an interior map toward accessing our essence, the divine spark within each one. Yet, how do we live in essence more abundantly?

Following last year’s conference on the integration of three-center awareness – head, heart and body, this year’s event will explore what it is to practice grounded presence in everyday life, leading to fuller, deeper lives. Experiencing grounded presence within ourselves is challenging enough. We may find more intentional opportunity during prayer, meditation, and inner practices. What is it to practice grounded presence during challenging times in our relationships, work environments, in our communities and in the world? The conference will include inner and outer practices, workshops, and speakers presenting on the theme from their experiences in working the Enneagram with a variety of people and groups. Learn more >

The 2014 EANT Conference is just one of three Narrative Tradition events in Cincinnati this October. We invite you to enrich your conference experience by attending one or both of these programs:

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