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Accessing Grounded Presence, Austin, TX
Apr 30 - May 1, 2016
9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Integrating the Enneagram and Body Wisdom

Sponsored by The Enneagram Community of Central Texas

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a place of resource inside that was always with you, always present, to help you through times of distress, anxiety and frustration? The good news is  . . .  you do! It’s called Grounded Presence. The question is how to access it when you’re in the midst of your own – or someone else’s – reactivity.

Through Somatic Awareness Practice, Terry and Marion help you to get in touch with your Grounded Presence. Soma is a Greek word meaning “body”; Somatic Awareness is simply about learning to attune to the deep wisdom of your body. Tailored for the individual Enneagram types and the integration of the three energetic centers, Somatic Awareness Practice is a powerful way to open our hearts and minds more easily and free us to be fully present, alive, and embodied in our experience now. 

In this workshop we will use this practice to explore the three aspects of the Enneagram type’s defense system: idealization, defense mechanism and avoidance. Through panel interviews, guided inner practices, simple movement and interactive exercises, you learn how to return to a place of extended, grounded presence and greater well-being – especially when life is challenging!

The work that Terry and Marion bring is a lifelong practice. We encourage you to attend whether this is your first introduction to Somatic Awareness or you have been using it for some time. You will begin from where you are, and deepen your practice, your awareness, and your ability to become receptive to spiritual experience from that place. If you are interested in participating on a panel, please let us know.

Balcones Country Club, Brazos Room, 8600 Balcones Drive, Austin TX 78750

$225 by April 8; $260 after April 8

Additional fee of $15 for 14 CEUs

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Before April 8: Cost refunded less $20 administrative fee. After April 8: Cost refunded less $35 administrative fee

To learn more, contact Lesley or Rick Bradstreet.

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