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Creative Insight into the Enneagram, Boulder, CO
Nov 14
9:30 am - 4:30 pm (CDT)
with Renée Rosario and Alison Dearborn

I am thrilled to offer a fresh and creative method for you to explore yourself through the Enneagram and art.  If the word “art” scares you, please know that I do not consider myself artistic and I can do this! We will provide all the supplies you need to assemble images and create collage cards based on your Enneagram type. Alison Dearborn, an amazing artist and budding Enneagram teacher, and I are teaming up to offer this profound method of self-discovery and transformation.

I see the Enneagram as a looking glass into the mystery of ourselves. Creating collage (using magazine imagery) is another looking glass into how we are experiencing our dominant type and essence in the present moment. Neuroscience tells us that 95% of what directs our daily activities emerges from the unconscious. This is probably not a surprise from our understanding of the Enneagram, the often unconscious motivations of our type patterns, and also from the arising of our deep, essential Self. Since the process of creating is also fed from this unconscious wellspring, we see this as a beautiful opportunity to use it to tap into a deeper understanding of ourselves.

In this class we will create Enneagram collage cards that will help you access your intuition, heart and mind, simply and powerfully. After Welcome and Introductions, we will:

  • Offer a three-centered, guided practice on the topic of our three cards helping you access what is alive in you now relative to these aspects of your experience
  • Create three cards – one each of the type, passion and virtue – with time for journaling if you desire
  • Facilitate and support you in your process
  • Come together to share our cards and their meanings

Alison and I are very excited to delve into the creative realm with you! Will you join us?

– Renée Rosario


Alison Dearborn has been a successful painter and maker for more than 20 years. Her work has been shown in galleries and in private and public collections around the world. Her latest explorations in art involve the medium of glass for lampwork glass bead-making. Along with lampwork, she facilitates workshops on Intuitive Bead Embroidery, makes collage cards for personal insights, sketches, embroiders, keeps honeybees, and gardens at her studio in Boulder, CO. Alongside her art career, she has been a student of the Enneagram since 1995. She is currently completing the certification program through the Enneagram Institute to incorporate her love of the Enneagram with her passion for making art in order to share them both with others.  Contact Alison >

Location: Wild Sage Cohousing, 1650 Zamia Avenue, Boulder, CO 80304

Fees: $95 through November 2; $120 after November 2

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