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The Enneagram: Defenses, Dichotomies and Character Structure, Seattle, WA
Nov 14 - 15
9am - 6pm

People are wonderful — people are difficult! The Enneagram helps us understand both sides of this. We learn to see ourselves and others more clearly with both our strengths and problems. In this workshop we will explore the “problem” side of the nine types — the defenses and dichotomies — with insight, humor and compassion.

We need some defenses in our life, short of being enlightened! They serve an important purpose — to make boundaries, to hold us together and keep us safe. Underneath personality, they are part of our character structure. But when our defenses are automatic and habitual we get fixated and reactive, we lose contact with our inner selves and the people we love.

If you are committed to your own growth and to care and empathy in your relationships, knowing the defenses of your personality type will provide a vital key.

Join us for this workshop as we explore: 

  • How the Enneagram describes nine character structures based in three centers of intelligence – head, heart and body.
  • How people within the three triads – head, feeling and body types – share common patterns with their type structures and defenses.
  • The three aspects of the defense system – idealization, avoidance and defense mechanism – which use the strengths of our type to protect us.
  • The dichotomy of each type, e.g. Nines can be both agreeable and stubborn. Ones can be both rigid and sensitive.
  • Signals from the body that alert us to our defenses and reactive patterns.
  • How we can work with our defenses to become more flexible, authentic and present.

The workshop will include presentation and discussion, inner practice and breathing methods, type panels and breakout groups. 

Location: The Mountaineers, 7700 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Fees: $245 by October 16; $275 after October 16

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Contact: Emile Haddad or N’Shama Sterling