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This program is the 1st day of a 3-day program that concludes with Instinctual Subtypes on September 28. Learn more 

The Enneagram is a holistic system that describes how personality and character structure are formed in three centers of intelligence – mind, heart and body. The Embodied Enneagram workshop is an opportunity to work with all three centers while emphasizing a body-based (somatic) approach to healing and relationships. Our Enneagram work usually starts in the mind – but our type is not only in our mind! We need to include the emotions and the body. In this workshop we will explore the nine character structures and the somatic patterns which shape them.

Topics include: 

  • The somatic structures of the nine personality types and their defenses
  • The effect of body type on personality
  • How to develop embodied presence
  • The value of different body-based approaches to personal growth

You will learn: 

  • How your personality type is based in physical structure and patterns of feeling and sensation
  • Profiles of tension and body armor for all nine types
  • Practical exercises for working with your body and breath
  • How to reduce stress and tension in daily life
  • How to become more grounded and centered in your body

The format: 

This workshop combines presentation and discussion with simple stretching and breathing exercises. Each participant will be encouraged to go at their own pace. Please wear comfortable clothing. 

Register by August 25 to save $150.