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Embracing the Shadow Self: The Enneagram and Transformation, Denver, CO
Mar 14
with Renée Rosario and guest teacher Chichi Agorom

The Enneagram is a powerful tool that helps us become aware of the ways in which we navigate the world through the protective mechanisms of our type structure and not with our full selves. It also provides a map to return to who we more essentially. This journey of returning requires recognizing and embracing our shadow selves – work that is both necessary and challenging.

In this 4-hour workshop, we will explore the shadows of each of the nine types – the parts of us that our types work so hard to keep hidden. These aspects of our character structure are the scaffolding that supports our sense of identity. Who do you believe you have to be to be okay? What do you feel you need to avoid? What do you experience when you try to change? As we loosen the type structure through three centered awareness (head, heart and body), we develop the capacity to live more fully in our essential self AND the realities of our type. We are invited to live more authentically.

Please note: This is not an introductory Enneagram workshop, and it will best benefit those who already have good working knowledge of their type structures.


820 Sherman Street, Denver, CO 80203


9 am – 1 pm

Fees and Registration

Cost: $85 by February 21, 2020; $100 after February 21; fee includes snacks and coffee

Register: www.enneasight.com/events/


Renée Rosario & Chichi Agorom will facilitate this workshop. Renée is a Core Faculty member of The Narrative Enneagram bringing with her two decades of experience as an Enneagram teacher and a body-centered psychotherapist in Boulder. Chichi studied under Renée and the other core faculty members at The Narrative Enneagram and teaches the Enneagram in Denver. She also works as a psychotherapist in Denver.

For those interested in continuing to explore this topic post-workshop, Chichi will be leading Process Groups on the second Tuesday of each month (with exceptions in March and September) from March-November. Each month we will focus on one type, using the same format of panels and dyads. Discount available if you purchase Workshop & Process Group bundle.


Chichi: 970-689-4225
Renée: 303-443-9055