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The Enneagram Defense System, Boulder, CO
Feb 2 - May 4, 2015
7pm - 9pm

4 Mondays Feb-May (2/2, 3/2, 4/6, 5/4)

In this class we will explore the defense system, which includes three powerful aspects of the type: the idealization, avoidance and defense mechanism.  These aspects of our character structure are the scaffolding that supports our sense of identity. Who do you believe you have to be to be okay? What do you feel you need to avoid? What do you experience when you try to change?

The solidity we experience in our type structure gives us a sense of familiarity and identity. “This is me and this is not me.” While we need a sense of identity and boundaries to navigate life, these aspects of our type structure can also separate us from both our humanity and divinity. As we loosen the type structure through three centered awareness (head, heart and body), we develop the capacity to live more fully in our essential self AND the realities of our type. We are invited to live more authentically.

With the support of an ongoing group, awareness and the capacity for change is amplified.Time and time again I have experienced the wonder of the Enneagram community to provide just that. I invite you to join me in exploring this important aspect of the Enneagram. This class is for people familiar with their type and the Enneagram.

Cost:  $175; early bird until 1/19/15 $140

15 spaces available

Register online at www.enneasight.com