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The Enneagram and Mindfulness: Know the Self to Lose the Self, Boulder, CO
May 5
9 am - 5 pm
with Renée Rosario and Peter Williams, MA, MS

We are excited to offer a powerful integration of spirituality and psychology as we combine the practices of the Enneagram and Mindfulness.

Studying the Enneagram, a unique map of personality types birthed from ancient spiritual traditions, leads to a deep understanding of the default settings of the psyche that bind one to a limited view of oneself and of the world. When we learn our personality tendencies well, we see that we do not have to work so hard – that, in fact, life itself is already providing what we need to be happy and fulfilled.

Mindfulness focuses less on the content of our personality and more on the process of our experience. With mindfulness we gain insight into the universal features underlying all physical and mental events, revealing that who we are is not a solid, separate self, but rather an ever-changing, complex set of interdependent arisings. Such insight leaves a feeling of wholeness and unity with all of life.

Powerful synergies arise from combining these two seemingly disparate approaches. For example, knowing our personality patterns well through the Enneagram helps us let go more readily into mindfulness, while mindfulness helps us experience the patterns in a more intimate and embodied way. Combining these powerful traditions of inquiry leads to the paradox that the more we know the self, the more we lose the self. Becoming bigger than the limited self is the key to transforming suffering into abiding well-being and belonging.

The day will include didactic, panel interviewing, group sharing, and mindfulness practice. This class is for people familiar with their type and the Enneagram. If you are a mindfulness practitioner and are not familiar with the Enneagram, please consider attending the introductory Enneagram offered on February 10 from 9am-1pm.

Location: Columbine Spiritual Center, 8900 Arapahoe Road, Boulder, CO 80303

Fees: $120; $95 if you register by April 20, 2018

Questions? Contact Renée Rosario, 303-443-9055, rrosario@enneasight.com

Register: www.enneasight.com/event-registration/?ee=44

Peter Williams, MA, MS, has practiced meditation for 22 years in the Theravada and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, including many months of silent retreat, and has taught meditation since 2003. Peter is trained as a Community Dharma Leader by Spirit Rock Meditation Center. He teaches retreats in the Rocky Mountain West. He also practices as a transpersonal psychotherapist in Boulder. www.truehomewithin.net