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Enneagram Monthly Study Group, Richmond Heights, CA
Sep 16 - Dec 16, 2016
7 pm - 9:20 pm

Continuing education and a community of support for applying the Enneagram to our inner work and relationships

Continuing monthly group in Richmond Heights, East Bay area
Friday nights: September 16, October 21, November 11, December 16
Group size: 15-20 people (a few spaces available)
Cost for the fall series: $170

Our focus will be putting the Enneagram to work in our lives and in our relationships, using its powerful ideas and theory with an emphasis on practical application. Over time, a monthly group creates a regular space for reflection and sharing about self-development and new learning about the type structures. Our goal will be to support each other on our paths of development.


  • The nine types and three centers
  • Instincts and subtypes
  • The defense system
  • Our emotional habits
  • Strengths and challenges in relationships


  • Guided meditation with breath practice
  • Presentation on an aspect of the Enneagram
  • Whole group discussion and individual sharing/tracking
  • Small breakout groups

Membership requirements

  • Good knowledge of the Enneagram and your type
  • Willingness to practice centering and self-awareness in the group
  • Listen well to others who are on the path
  • Attend most of the monthly meetings


510-234-1600 or pohanrahan@aol.com

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