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Enneagram Narrative Learning Community, Menlo Park, CA
Aug 18 - 21
Ongoing program for experienced students
Enneagram Narrative Learning Community Feb 2016

“How do you relax your type structure at the point of suffering instead of going on automatic? We have brought spiritual method to this human dilemma.” – Helen Palmer  

The Narrative Tradition Learning Community is for experienced students who will focus on using spiritual method to relax psychological distress. Over time we developed a curriculum that joins the crucial elements of spiritual practice with psychological and somatic structure. This allows us to internally recognize and relax reactive type patterns as they arise instead of automatically acting them out. The Learning Community is neither a workshop nor a training, but rather an ongoing source of learning and support

This program brings the Enneagram to life by offering facilitation and support for integrating psychology, spirituality and “felt-sense” somatic awareness. This will be the second in an ongoing series of twice-yearly gatherings where we will share powerful methods that encourage our understanding and direct experience of the different perspectives and qualities of the Enneagram map. The community itself creates the transformational field that is critical to the personal and spiritual development that occurs within our gatherings.

Our topic for this session will be An Open Heart: Witnessing our Hidden Barriers in Relationship. We will explore the three instinctual energies that drive us to seek self-preservation, social belonging, and one-to-one bonding. Since each instinct exhibits very different interests, energy levels and needs, they powerfully impact relationships. More importantly, the three instinctual energies have become bound to specific behaviors knows as the Enneagram subtypes. The subtype behaviors can be inwardly observed and relaxed. In this workshop we assume knowledge of the three instinctual energies and the 27 subtype behaviors (specifically, you need to know the subtype behaviors that relate to your type). If you need a review, you will find extensive information on our Instincts and Subtypes page.

Through panel inquiry and inner practice, the Learning Community will build or develop the competencies of:

  • Capacity for the conversion process
    • Ability to relax toward the passion or contraction of type structure, allowing reconciliation in body, heart and mind to occur naturally, and the virtue or received experience of the Ground of Being to arise
  • Knowledge of the two streams of spiritual practice: negation and affirmation
    • The way of negation or emptying is typical of mindfulness practices where one lets go of thoughts or perceptions as they arise by following the breath
    • The way of affirmation or focusing in which one concentrates on a particular image or quality
  • Capacity for extended presence and witnessing consciousness

Vallombrosa Center, 250 Oak Grove Ave., Menlo Park, CA 94025 

Opportunities for continuing support 
We offer optional monthly phone conferences in which a group of up to 10 people will participate in a series of two-hour calls over a nine-month period. The calls will provide continuity for your ongoing practice, exploration and development between meetings. These phone discussions may be led by teachers or be self-organizing groups facilitated by the participants themselves. For groups led by teachers, the structure of the call (which can be adjusted by teacher and group consensus), includes meditation, check-in, the opportunity for a few people to receive personal guidance for their current process, a teaching piece, and setting an intention for the coming month.

Our guidelines for membership are completion of the Enneagram Intensive or Enneagram Intensive 2.0, Deepening Spiritual Awareness, and Instincts and Subtypes (or other study of the Enneagram and inner awareness practice, other Enneagram schools or Narrative teachers), which gives one familiarity in the following core competencies:            

  1. Capacity for self-reflection
  2. Understanding of type structure
  3. Familiarity with instincts, subtypes and the cognitive/emotional habit

Note: Your Enneagram background and inner awareness experience may allow you to waive certain course requirements. To learn more, email Allison DeHart or call her at 866-241-6162, ext. 2 (toll-free) or 303-697-9456 outside the U.S.

If you are interested in joining this ongoing program for experienced students, please email Learning Community Registrar Allison DeHart or call her at 866-241-6162, ext. 2 (toll-free) or 303-697-9456 outside the U.S.

Cancellation Policy:
Check back for policy.

We reserve the right to substitute faculty or change our program schedule as necessary.