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The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues, Boulder, CO
Apr 11
9:30 am - 4:30 pm

In this workshop, we will explore a powerful aspect of transformation in working with the Enneagram, the “vice to virtue” conversion. Each of the Enneagram types is driven by an emotional habit called the passion or the vice. In addition, each of the points has a corresponding virtue, various qualities of open-heartedness and the pure life force.

While the passion is also an aspect of the life force, it is contracted and directed toward whatever seems essential to survival as described by the type strategy. There is nothing wrong with this and is a miracle of evolution, yet most of us want to experience the open and free-flowing qualities represented by the virtues of the types. When we are able to recognize and relax toward the felt sense of the emotional passions as they arise, the life force converts from a contracted to an expanded state, manifesting as the virtues.

Offered in the Narrative Tradition, we will explore this topic through inquiry and experiential practices. This one-day workshop is for those familiar with their type and the Enneagram.

Cost:  $120; early bird to 3/28/15 $95

30 available spaces

Register online at www.enneasight.com