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The Enneagram, Relationships and Transformation: An Exploration
Nov 13
11 am - noon PDT
Free webinar with David Daniels and Aftab Omer

David Daniels, MD, in conversation with Aftab Omer, PhD, will explore the Universal Growth Process of the “5As” as method, and the nine Enneagram types as content for relationship development and transformation. Topics will include the Basic Propositions of each of the nine patterns or types, their blind spots, and path of development that result in integration of the higher spiritual qualities into personality.

This free event is part of Meridian University’s webinar series, “Integral Voices, Evolutionary Conversations on Culture and Consciousness.” The program will feature a video conversation and Q@A with David Daniels, MD and Aftab Omer, PhD. 

You may listen to the conversation live by webcast at 11 am – noon PDT,  or to the recording at a later date. By registering, you also will have the opportunity to watch a recorded conversation with Helen Palmer and Aftab Omer, along with other conversations in the Integral Voices series. 

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Aftab Omer, PhD, is a sociologist, psychologist, futurist and the president of Meridian University. Raised in Pakistan, India, Hawaii and Turkey, he was educated at the universities of MIT, Harvard and Brandeis. His publications have addressed the topics of transformative learning, cultural leadership, generative entrepreneurship and the power of imagination. His work includes assisting organizations in tapping the creative potentials of conflict, diversity, and complexity. He is a Fellow of the International Futures Forum and the World Academy of Arts and Sciences.