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The Enneagram and Somatic Awareness Practice, Chicago, IL
May 2 - 3
Using Body Intelligence to Relax Type Structure

Those of us who have worked with the Enneagram for many years have discovered how truly difficult it is to influence our reactivity. When we are faced with challenging life circumstances, we find ourselves falling into our type structure’s patterns of overreacting, even though we know better.

At the heart of our work with the Enneagram is the process of increasing awareness of ourselves— how and why we react as we do and where this is experienced. A critical part of that awareness is the “felt sense” in the body. We may be able to obscure and deceive ourselves by following our highly conditioned cognitive-emotional patterns. By listening to the body we can access these operating patterns at their roots. This enables us to free ourselves from automatically following these impulses and re-enacting our type patterns.

Marion and Terry will show you how to skillfully use the Somatic Awareness Practice. This practice strengthens our capacity to stay present longer with the uncomfortable sensation of the highly defended aspect of our type structures in order to free the life force contained within it. Ultimately this leads to a more peaceful and resourceful state with greater resilience.

The workshop format includes panel interviews to demonstrate the application of the Somatic Awareness Practice, guided inner practices, and simple movement and interactive exercises to return you to a place of extended grounded presence and greater well-being – especially when life is challenging.

Information Commons, Lake Shore Campus, Loyola University, Chicago, IL

$150 includes continental breakfast and afternoon snacks 
(On-campus dining is available for lunch on your own.)

Registration and Information
Send a check for $150 per person payable to ‘First Analysis Institute of Integrative Studies’ to: FAI, PO Box 06236, Chicago, IL 60606-0236.

For more information about the workshop and housing for the weekend, email Jerry Wagner or call him at 847-400-6507.

Comments from Participants

November 2012 Phoenix, AZ Somatic Workshop

Terry and Marion’s workshop on somatic wisdom is simply excellent! It is filled with practical exercises as well as deeper understanding of the centrality of the body center in human experience.

Carole Whittaker, Spiritual Director
Certified Enneagram Teacher
Founding Board Member, Arizona Enneagram Association 

Terry and Marion are a dynamic team whose skill at working with panelists provided many moving moments. The somatic work is very powerful, deep and rich, and I highly recommend this workshop to all who want to take their Enneagram work deeper.

Jaye Andres, Consultant and Executive Coach
Certified Enneagram Teacher
President and Founding Board Member, Arizona Enneagram Association

My experience of the body work led by Terry Saracino and Marion Gilbert at the AEA Somatic Enneagram workshop last Fall in Phoenix was stunning and has continued to have effects I never would have dreamt possible. It opened me it to my own personal need for space as a Helper/Giver 2 in a way that took my breath away. I continued with that work and awareness which laid the groundwork for an even deeper revelation and healing of lifelong issues with my mother, which in turn led to a “forgiveness from the heart” that I had never experienced so fully, in spite of all the other good work I had done. I can’t recommend their work enough.

Robin Cameron, Spiritual Director
Certified Enneagram Teacher
Founding Board Member, Arizona Enneagram Association

June 2013 Austin, TX Somatic Workshop

This workshop was a powerful experience for me. Marion and Terry marry the Enneagram to the body—makes for a dynamic wedding!

Reverend Gail Williford, Houston, TX

This workshop has transformed every aspect of my life. Terry and Marion demonstrate so beautifully the importance of acknowledging, accepting, and letting go of anything that prevents us from experiencing the joy, grace, and blessings that each day brings.

Tiffany Tchakirides, Houston, TX

December 2014 Germany Workshop
Thank you for the wonderful workshop for the Narrative Enneagram community in Germany. The three access points of spirituality, psychology, and body awareness form a potent connected approach. I enjoyed it!
Felizitas Conrath, Coach and International Personnel Recruiter
Düsseldorf, Germany