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Enneagram and Somatic Awareness Practice, Germany
Dec 5 - 7
Fri 5:00pm - Sun 3:30pm
Using Body Intelligence to Relax Type Structure

Ritschweier near Weinheim, Germany

Workshop in the context of the Annual Convention of the German Enneagram Teachers Association in the Narrative Tradition (EMT e.V.) 

Those of us who have worked with the Enneagram for many years have discovered how truly difficult it is to influence our reactivity. When we are faced with challenging life circumstances, we find ourselves falling into our type structure’s patterns of overreaching, even though we know better. 

At the heart of our work with the Enneagram is the process of increasing awareness of ourselves— how and why we react as we do and where this is experienced. A critical part of that awareness is the “felt sense” in the body. We may be able to obscure and deceive ourselves by following our highly conditioned cognitive‐emotional patterns. By listening to the body we will be able to access these operating patterns at their roots. This allows us to be able to free ourselves from automatically following these sub‐cortical impulses and re‐enacting our type patterns. 

Marion and Terry will show you how to skillfully use the Somatic Awareness Practice. This practice strengthens our capacity to stay present longer with the uncomfortable sensation of the highly defended aspect of our type structures in order to free the life force contained within it. Ultimately this leads to a more peaceful and resourceful state with greater resilience. 

The workshop format includes panel interviews to demonstrate the application of the Somatic Awareness Practice, guided inner practices, and simple movement and interactive exercises to return you to a place of extended grounded presence and greater well‐being ‐ especially when life is challenging. 

This workshop addresses people with a solid knowledge of the Enneagram. You will benefit most if you have an assured assessment of your own Enneagram type. 

The workshop will be held in English and translated to German. 


Early‐bird fee: before July 31, 2014
Registration deadline: August 31, 2014 

Members, early–birds: 95. EUR
Members, standard: 120. EUR
Non‐members, early‐birds: 130. EUR
Non‐members, standard: 150. EUR

Board and lodging approx. 150. EUR cash paid on site (exact amount on request)

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