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The Enneagram: Type and Inner Witness, 2-Part Webinar Series
Apr 8
11:30 am - 1:30 pm PDT
Part 2: April 15

A 2-part Webinar Series with Helen Palmer: 
     April 8 – The Enneagram: Type and Its Inner Witness
     April 15 – The Enneagram: Our Evolving Consiousness
Sponsored by Science & Nonduality

This webinar is tuned to the spiritual intent of psychological typology, a kind of secret entrance to the vertical ascent of consciousness, a forgotten ability to turn attention inward to recognize and relax conditioned ego patterns that are a source of suffering.

It seems so natural to recognize the patterns of our mind and to hear the self-reports of people who see the world differently. Yet that simple turn of attention that self-reflection requires marks a giant step in our evolving consciousness.

The first turn reveals our personality structure. We can witness our thoughts as we are thinking and tell them to someone else. We can notice emotions as they arise and describe them to others. We can also sense somatic contractions that govern the flow of our life force. Self-relection reveals the conditioned patterns of type.

This natural ability joins two different levels of consciousness. The subjective level of automatic pattern played out in daily living. And the pure consciousness of an Inner Witness that perceives objective reality.

Fee and Registration
$69 – Register at www.scienceandnonduality.com/webinars/the-enneagram-type-and-inner-witness/

Both sessions will be recorded and available on demand so you may view at anytime. Once you signup for the course on the SAND website you will need to also register with Zoom.us. Have any questions? Read SAND FAQ for webinar support.