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Growth with the Subtypes, Birmingham, UK
Nov 29 - Dec 1, 2019
with TNE Training Associates Rosemary Cowan and Heather Brown
Who is this workshop for?
  • People who want to start their Enneagram journey – you don’t need to know your Enneagram type to attend this course
  • People who are familiar with the Enneagram and want to  explore Subtypes
  • Certified Enneagram teachers
  • Coaches, counsellors and other guidance professionals.
What will you gain from attending?

For your own personal development:

  • Insight and understanding about why you tend to be overly concerned with one domain and neglect another;
  • What this gives you and what it costs you;
  • What you can do about it, how you can do this and the benefits this brings.

For you as a coach or counsellor:

  • How to work with the Subtypes in your work with others;
  • How to home in more quickly on where your clients need to focus for their next growth step;
  • Ynderstanding how this work will help your clients to make progress in their life, relationships and work.
The Programme

The Enneagram Training  Growth with the Subtypes course is unlike most other training courses on the Subtypes. We do NOT focus just on the theory of all 27 Subtypes but also on the knowledge and insights you can gain, and on practical ways in which you can work with this for yourself and with your clients.

To learn more and register, visit www.enneagramtraining.co.uk/growth-with-the-subtypes/