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Instinctual Subtype and Relationships, East Bay, CA
Apr 26
10 am - 6 pm (PDT)

A stand-alone workshop or second of a two-part series on relationships

The Enneagram is a powerful method for increasing our EQ – emotional intelligence – and there is no better system in the world today for learning how to create more successful relationships at home and at work. By recognizing the different points of view and the basic needs of each personality type, we can improve our communication and rapport with others. With increased empathy for the other people in our lives we are able to respond to their emotional issues and security needs in ways that support friendship, cooperation and intimacy.

Subtype is at least as important as personality type in understanding our issues and patterns in relationship. We’ll explore the six subtype combinations and talk about: What do we expect from our significant others for care and attention? How does this match with their expectations? Who initiates contact? How do we manage the rhythms of contact and withdrawal? How do security needs get met? Who takes care of the home or the finances? How are friends or family included? What happens when the emotional habit of the type is expressed through subtype activity?

The format will include presentations, inner practices and discussion. Peter’s recently updated handbook will be provided in advance, with 70 pages on instinctual subtypes in relationship.

Location: East Bay, Richmond hills
Cost: $135 per day. $250 for both workshops. Lunch included.
CEUs available.
Registration: Pat O’Hanrahan or 510-234-1600

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