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The Instinctual Subtypes, Guangzhou, China
Jun 15 - 18

The Enneagram is a powerful system for learning about ourselves and the people in our lives. It describes nine personality types and offers effective methods for our personal growth and our relationships. The system is used in many countries around the world in the fields of psychology, spirituality, business and education.

The study of instinctual subtypes provides further insight into the way we live our lives, the choices we make, and how we invest ourselves in our important projects and relationships. According to the Enneagram, each personality type has three variations (subtypes) depending on which of three instincts is more central to us:

  1. Self preservation instinct – guiding our activity with home, food, security, family, and warmth in relationships
  2. One to one instinct – fueling our personal vitality, sexuality, face to face relating, and spiritual union
  3. Social instinct – forming our friendships, our participation in groups and the community, and our social identity

There are 27 subtypes, three variations of each personality type. These 27 profiles hold the key to understanding our path in life and our role in the community:

  • How do we spend our time and energy in daily life?
  • What are our most important projects?
  • How do we participate in home activities, our family relationships and organized groups?
  • What do we need to feel secure?
  • How are we guided by instinct and emotion?

In our relationships with friends, colleagues, and intimate partners, subtype can be as important as personality type! In this workshop we will explore:

  • 27 subtypes and their strengths and challenges.
  • How does our subtype shape our major choices in life?
  • How does our subtype affect our relationships at home and at work?
  • When does our path in life reflect our true self, and how do we know?
  • How is the emotional habit (passion) of our type discharged through our subtype activity?
  • How can we develop all three of our instincts with awareness and practice?

The format

This workshop will include panel interviews as well as presentations, guided inner practices and small group discussion. Although this is considered a more advanced topic, beginners to the Enneagram are welcome. If you don’t know your subtype, you will likely discover it during the workshop.

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