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3 days residential or commuter


“This program provided opportunities for learning in multiple dimensions.  I learned more about my own type structure, how to conduct panels, and how to present the Enneagram to groups. It’s been a very rich experience.”

Counselor, Birmingham, AL 

This hands-on program is for people who want to use panels in teaching the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition. It’s designed for Enneagram teachers in training, and for current certified teachers wishing to enhance their panel interviewing and presentation skills.

TheNarrative Enneagram  Teacher Training provides a safe container for assessing your own strengths and growth points, and becoming more adept and confident as a teacher and facilitator.

During the three-day training, you will build on your self-development skills and deepen your understanding of the nine types’ emotional habits and defense systems. You will learn and practice:

  • The elements and principles of conducting panels in the Narrative Tradition
  • Panel interviewing skills (you’ll facilitate two panels – basic and growth – in small groups and receive constructive feedback)
  • Presentation skills including developing your content, getting to know your speaking style, and establishing rapport and maintaining a relationship with your audience (you’ll give a 20-25 minute presentation in a small group and receive constructive feedback)
  • How to explain the Enneagram in your own words (you’ll practice a 30-second “elevator” speech)
  • Body awareness and centering exercises that you can integrate for your own development and facilitate with groups

Participant feedback

Marty Heeg, an organizational development consultant from Alberta, Canada, speaks about his experience at the inaugural Enneagram Narrative Teacher Training in Menlo Park, CA.

“When I first signed up for the Teacher Training, I was not sure I wanted to teach. But I imagined that the training was going to help my own personal growth and connect me to some amazing people. That is exactly what happened. And yes, I love teaching the Enneagram as well!”

Teacher, San Miguel Allende, Mexico 

“While I officially certified three years ago, the training increased my content knowledge and strengthened my teaching skills through a series of rigorous practice exercises. Renée Rosario and Peter O’Hanrahan provided invaluable feedback in addition to lessons learned through their many years of experience. I feel more capable and better equipped to teach larger class sizes as the number of participants grows.”

Professional and Personal Coach, Enneagram Teacher, Pittsburg, PA

Vallombrosa Center, 250 Oak Grove Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025, 650-325-5614

Fees, Discounts and Registration
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One of the following:

  1. Certification as an Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition
  2. Completion of the Enneagram Narrative Core Program and the Typing Process

  3. Completion of advanced trainings by other Enneagram schools.

Note: For exceptions, contact registrar >

To learn more, contact: Registrar at 866-241-6162, ext. 1 (toll-free) or +1 303-305-4362 (from outside the U.S.)

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