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The Enneagram and the Inner Critic, Denver, CO
Jan 25
Sat 9:30 am - 4:30 pm (MST)

Presented by Enneagram Center of the Rocky Mountain Region

What often keeps us from growing is a voice in our own head that says “stop, don’t go there!”  This voice is the Inner Critic, trying to maintain the status quo by reminding us that we already know what we need to be doing, and could do even better.  It’s very different from what we call the Inner Observer, the crucial silent Witness or Awareness through which all experience flows and is perceived — but can easily be confused with it, or co-opt our connection with it.  We observe ourselves, but too often, through a veil of criticism.

The Inner Critic can be experienced as an obvious judgmental impulse toward ourselves and others, or a more subtle contraction in the body against our own potential and desires.  In this class we will explore the Inner Critic, its various disguises, and learn practices to work with it.  Sharing in the Narrative Tradition through panels and experiential practices, we will discover how it functions within our type structure and how it may differ from type to type, how it tries to help us and how it limits our choices.

Ultimately, the Enneagram helps us to develop compassion and kindness for ourselves and others, including all the aspects of our type that help it function.  The point is not to ignore or eradicate the Inner Critic, but to use it as grist for our growth.  The bottom line is that we’re not broken, we’re evolving, and we invite you to come play in the field of the Enneagram with us.

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