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The Enneagram in the Relational Field: Loving Kindness near Toronto, ON
Oct 19 - 20
Sat Registration 9:00am, Program 9:30am - 5:00pm; Sun 1:00pm - 6:30pm

The Enneagram invites us on a journey inward, giving us an understanding of what motivates us day to day. At the same time, it invites us outward, providing a way to perceive others more clearly. Through our Enneagram work we develop our capacity to witness what arises in our minds, hearts and bodies.

In this process we may experience aversion to what we discover in ourselves and others, especially those who matter most. “If what we feel upsets us, all too often our next response means we tune out, which helps us feel better but blocks compassionate action.”* This can be harmful to ourselves and to our relationships.

When we cultivate Loving-Kindness to support our growth process, it can facilitate meeting some of the challenges we encounter. Our hearts become more available and compassionate, both toward ourselves and toward others. Developing concern for other people’s well-being has the surprising and unique benefit of energizing our brain’s capacity for happiness as well as compassion.*

In this class, we will practice Loving-Kindness. In addition, panel and small group inquiry will support us in understanding our individual and type barriers to being kind to ourselves and others. We hope you will join us in our exploration of the Enneagram and Loving-Kindness.

* Source: Altered Traits by Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson – a book on the benefits of meditation

Bethel Christian Reformed Church, 365 Queen Street, Acton Ontario (an hour north west of Toronto)

Fees and Registration
$340 CAD ($253 US)

Early-bird discount: Register by September 10, 2019 and save $30 CAD ($23US).

Saturday lunch is included; optional dinner gathering Saturday

Register online.

For accommodations and questions, please email Sue Guttenstein. There are bed and breakfasts, and other affordable accommodations available. For more information, download this flyer.