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The Enneagram Intensive, Nantes, France
Oct 24 - 29

6 days

with Brigitte Riom Tendron and Jerome Virouleau

The Enneagram Intensive focuses on the integration of psychology, spirituality and somatics. Open to all, this program is for anyone who wants to participate in a powerful growth process in a safe and receptive community dedicated to diversity. The course also is designed for those who would like to pursue teacher certi cation or use the Enneagram in their professional practice or workplace.

Panel interviews bring the Enneagram to life through meaningful conversations and insights. The program includes 2 rounds of type panels, 11 powerful guided meditations prerecorded by Helen Palmer, short didactics, self-observation and movement practices, small-group exercises and discussions.

Who Should Attend?

• Anyone on a path of personal transformation 
• Therapists, counsellors, physicians, nurses
• Business managers, coaches, trainers
• Spiritual directors and clergy
• Teachers and parents

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