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The Enneagram’s Gift to Mastering Conflict Constructively and Compassionately, Toronto, ON
May 3 - 4

The Hidden Path to Transformation

Sponsored by Enneagram North

Conflict affects each and every one of us. If not managed and resolved constructively, it can lead to stress, alienation, broken relationships, and missed opportunities. The Enneagram provides a powerful gift for working through conflict in constructive and compassionate ways. During this workshop we will explore how conflict resolution theory and the Enneagram’s rich and deep understandings intersect and compliment each other, and when interwoven together,  how they create a powerful and life-changing force in our lives for peacemaking and harmony. 
During the workshop, we’ll explore and interweave the Enneagram’s gifts and the core principles of conflict resolution theory and ask:
  • What specific beliefs and behaviors contribute to constructive and destructive conflict resolution?
  • How does the basic structure of our Type and its embedded beliefs and behaviors keep us in repeated circles of conflict?
  • What about conflict takes us out of presence?
  • How do we both create and avoid or resist conflict because we believe it threatens our Type’s adaptive strategy for creating a satisfactory life?
  • How can the Enneagram’s Universal Growth Process for Self-mastery help us reduce and manage conflict more constructively?
  • How can we sustain our new learnings over time?
  • How the absence of contingency planning can result in lost hope and alienation.  
  • And More! 

The workshop is designed for anyone who wants to develop and deepen practices that allow you to deal with conflict in more expansive, constructive, and less intimidating ways. It’s interactive, exploratory, and intimate. We use panels, repeating questions, guided interactions, small group exercises, and some lecture.

Contact: Ruthanne Wrobel