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The Holistic Enneagram: An online class
Nov 5 - 26
Participate by video (or audio) via Zoom or by phone

Four Tuesdays: November 5, 12, 19, 26, 2019
9-11 am U.S. Pacific, evening hours in Europe and Africa

Four presentations on key concepts and applications of the Enneagram, organized by the three-center model of head, heart and body. Learn more about how to use this model for your inner work and your relationships – with self awareness and practice. 

Topics will Include:
•     Nine character structures based in three centers
•     Habits of mind – how they serve us, and how we get stuck
•     A new language for the emotional habits and how to work with your heart center
•     Biological temperament and the somatic patterns and practices for each type
•     The defense systems and the lead center – idealization, avoidance, defense mechanism 
•     The interaction of the heart and body within subtypes
•     Relationships from three centers – working together, and when they are in conflict

Download a flyer >

Cost: $150/series  (with recordings available if you miss a class)

Register: Visit www.theenneagramatwork.com and click on the Registration tab at the top of the page to pay with credit card, or register directly with PayPal payment to pohanrahan@aol.com.

Contact: 510-234-1600 for questions and/or to make payment by check.