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The Typing Process, Singapore
Apr 13 - 15

THE TYPING PROCESS focuses on developing the skills that are essential to the Narrative teaching approach –typing interviews and panel interviews. Step by step, students are guided in the basics of the interviewing process, and then practice in small groups with peer feedback. 

During this highly experiential program, you will learn more about type structures, non-verbal cues, creating good rapport, and how to compare and contrast between look-a-like types. The format also includes a practice session interviewing community volunteers. 

The Typing Process is open to participants from EPTP 1 and professionals who know the Enneagram well. It is a prerequisite for becoming a Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition.

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For more information, contact Judy Tan at judytan@theenneagramsingapore.com or call +65-97815608.