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2½ days

(Begin here for either the Enneagram Teachers or Professionals track)

In this step-by-step experiential training, you will learn how to conduct typing interviews to assist newcomers to the Enneagram in determining their type. Modules on differentiating one type from another, non-verbal aspects of type, and knowledge of your own biases in conducting interviews are also included. The training culminates in a rare hands-on opportunity to practice your skills by interviewing volunteers from the community, with feedback from instructors. The Typing Process previously included instruction on panel inquiry, but will now focus solely on the many aspects of the typing interview process.

2/13 – Registration at 8:30 am – Session 9 am to 9 pm
2/14 – 9 am to 9 pm
2/15 – 9 am to noon

Vallombrosa Center, 250 Oak Grove Ave., Menlo Park, CA


Registration is now closed. To be placed on a waiting list, contact Barb Allgaier at 866-241-6162, ext. 1 (toll-free) or 303-697-9456 (from outside the U.S.).

Certified Teachers in the Narrative Tradition save $75. Full-time students with ID currently enrolled in a school, college or university save $50. See all pricing and register online using the form below.

A $300 deposit is required to hold your place. If you prefer to pay only the deposit at this time, please use the downloadable form to register by mail, email or fax.

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Cancellation policy
By December 30, 2014: Deposit refunded less $100 administrative fees
After December 30: Due to our site reservation commitments, deposit refunded less $150 administrative fees and any site costs incurred by late cancellation fees.

Prerequisite: Enneagram Narrative Core Program
Note: For exceptions to this prerequisite, contact registrar>

To learn more, or for other registration questions, contact: Barb Allgaier at 866-241-6162, ext. 1 (toll-free) or 303-697-9456 (from outside the U.S.)