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Virtues of the Heart, London, UK
Oct 21 - 22
10 am - 6 pm
An advanced workshop with Helen Palmer

Join us in exploring the vice-to-virtue conversion, a spiritual practice that joins two different levels of consciousness – the level of our brain’s conditioned neuropathways that automatically repeat, and a “pure” level of consciousness that notes inner patterns as they arise. These explorations are focused on a recent convergence between evidence-based MRI research and spiritual practice methodology.

The science of brain imaging demonstrates that we can voluntarily shift our state of mind. We can internalize and learn to notice subtle cues of emotional distress before they trigger projection (attributing inner discomfort to an outer cause). “You are making me feel this way. And you should change so that I can feel better!” This single concept has enormous potential. It tells us that we can regulate the passions of our heart, and that vice can be transformed to virtue. Relaxing emotional pain becomes the crux of inner transformation.  

Please expect:

  • Inner practice sessions focused on the vice-to-virtue conversion
  • Didactics on links between psychology, neuroscience and the mystical premise of direct spiritual experience
  • Panel interviews and dyads about type-related obstacles to prayer and meditation, taught with both psychological and spiritual remediations
  • Historical support from Evagrius of Pontus and from Saint John of the Cross

Who Can Attend
Since this is an advanced workshop, all participants must have significant prior learning and be well informed about both the Enneagram types and subtypes. 

We will start on each day at 10 am sharp to avoid Friday rush hour and possible Docklands Light Railway delays on Saturday. We will meet until 6 pm with a brief Evening Reflection in the chapel at the end of Friday.

Royal Foundation of St. Katharine, Limehouse, UK E1W 3EP
Located just east of the city of London, this venue belongs to the Queen and is one of the five Royal Peculiars. It describes itself, most accurately, as “an oasis in the city.” Access is easy by Docklands Light Railway or by bus. Limited car parking also is available onsite. The culture of this venue chimes most accurately with that of the Narrative Tradition. The Master has generously given us special terms for these two days.

£185 through 30 June 2016; £240 after 30 June.
Register early to assure a spot as space is limited.

Tuition includes mid-morning coffee and biscuits, and finger buffet/sandwich lunches, with homemade cake and tea at the end of each day. Evening meals are not available at the venue; a list of local restaurants is available at Reception.

To Register

Registration is now full. To join the waiting list, please contact Josephine Seccombe at jsecco@globalnet.co.uk.

We will provide handouts that include a contact list with email addresses so that participants can reconnect. If you DO NOT want to be included on the email list of participants, please let us know on the registration form. 

Bed and Breakfast
Participants can make individual arrangements with RFSK, if they wish to stay at the venue. Room availability is quite limited so call as soon as possible to book a room. Be sure to ask about bedroom rates as these can vary, and include a special price for clergy. To learn more, contact the Reservations office [reservations@rfsk.org.uk] or call 0300 111 1147

We look forward to seeing you in October!