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Wholeness and the Enneagram, Boulder, CO
Sep 22 - Dec 8, 2014
7-9 pm Mondays (monthly)

In this class we will explore and practice methodology that integrates psychological, spiritual and somatic understanding. 

I often ask people, “What do you really want?” One of the frequent answers is, “I want to feel whole.” If this is your desire, that means you want access to all aspects of your being. Rather than eliminating parts of your experience that can cause suffering, why not see them in their expanded form – as invitations to wholeness. 

The Enneagram, when joined with awareness tools of body, heart and mind, becomes the vehicle for integration….for embodiment…for wholeness. We will utilize three-centered intelligence to support us in exploring the Enneagram vice-to-virtue conversion and the Holy Idea of our types. Establishing a renewed connection between our three centers can help integrate our essence or spirit fully into the cellular structures of our bodies. By working on the cellular level, we can open, soften and attune our beings more toward full embodiment.

This class is for people familiar with their types and the Enneagram and want to deepen their understanding of both the spiritual aspects of the system and capacity for embodiment. 

Cost:  $160; or $140 for early bird by 9/6


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