Request for Proposals

Website SEO and Domain Name Considerations
Website Redesign Prior to Development
The Narrative Enneagram (TNE) is seeking qualified contractors with a demonstrated range of experience and expertise to support us in the pre-development of a new website. We would like to invite your team to submit proposals for either or both RFPs, if applicable:
TNE is an educational nonprofit dedicated to transforming lives and creating a more compassionate world. Our mission is to advance human consciousness through our pioneering Narrative Enneagram curriculum, which integrates psychology, spirituality and somatics (bodywork and movement). We are the only International Enneagram Association Accredited School that sustains and promotes the work of leading Enneagram developers Helen Palmer and David Daniels, MD, and the world’s longest running Enneagram school, having offered courses since 1988. 
We have used as our domain name since 2006, and launched our current WordPress site in 2014 to promote our training organization. In 2018, we merged with our sister nonprofit, a membership organization. The site now has 55+ top and secondary level navigation links, as well as numerous pages not included in the navigation structure. We want to demonstrate the value and vitality of our work with a fresher, more dynamic website design and also have identified a number of SEO-related areas that need clarification before we proceed.
If you wish to be considered for either the SEO or Website Redesign project – or both if your capabilities allow – please respond to Evangeline Welch, Marketing Director, at by March 16, 2020, stating your intention to submit a proposal for the SEO and/or Redesign project. Also please include, if applicable, any questions or requests for clarifications on the RFP. Completed proposals are due on Monday, March 23, 2020.
Thank you for your attention and potential interest!