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Angela Raines

Angela Raines

Certified Teacher St. Louis MO US

I am obsessed with understanding. The kind that comes from artfully placed words. But more essentially, the kind that bridges worlds: between you and me, between you and others, and between you and the Mystery.

I fell in love with the Enneagram because it’s just about the best system I’ve found to help people build these bridges of understanding. I work with purpose-driven entrepreneurs, creatives, meditators, couples, and groups — anyone with a willing heart who wants to understand themselves and others better.

Along with my Enneagram expertise, I bring an almost-decade of experience copywriting and ghostwriting for soulful entrepreneurs, helping them reach their audience through witty, wakeful writing. By marrying these two worlds of Enneagram and branding, I hold a container for the transformational process that’s often necessary to clarify, articulate, and leverage our gifts.

I am deeply informed by the Integral framework. And I am a lay-ordained Rinzai Zen monk, passionate about how the Enneagram and meditation can inform and strengthen each other.

After far too many cross-country and international moves, I’ve come home to St. Louis, Missouri where I am a founding board member of The Enneagram St. Louis nonprofit. When I’m not writing, coaching, or chasing after my two outrageously adorable kittens, I’m dancing Argentine tango.