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Barbara Whiteside

Barbara Whiteside

Certified Teacher
650-533-9647 San Mateo CA US

The heart of Barbara’s work is teaching to small groups of 10 to 18 in her home. Using panelists whenever possible, Barbara teaches beginner to advanced workshops including:

Basic Types and Connecting Points
Enneagram of Relationship
Nine Paths to Freedom
Instinctual Subtypes
Enneagram Defense Mechanisms
Enneagram of Parenting
Enneagram for Therapists, Coaches, and Spiritual Directors" (with David Daniels, MD).

Barbara certified as a Parent Effectiveness Trainer in 1987. Her work with parents expanded into helping people in all relationships. She studied Meyers-Briggs and brought the DiSC system to her work with families before settling on the Enneagram.
Barbara presented at the 2010 and 2014 IEA Conferences on “Seeing Ourselves and Our Families Clearly” and “Whole Parent; Whole Child”. She presented at the EANT Conference in 2012 on “Using Family to Kindle Inner Awakening”. Two of her articles, Seeing Our Children Clearly and Listening from a Type Perspective were published in three different publications: TALK, Enneagram Monthly and the 2010 Enneagram Journal.
Barbara has been a long time student of Vipassana Meditation and Centering Prayer. She believes that spiritual practices can help us work with the challenges of our Enneagram Type and support us in our growth.
As a mother of three and grandmother of three, Barbara’s daily life gives her plenty of fertile ground in which to continue her own journey of awakening.

2010 to 2015 – International Enneagram Association Accredited Teacher Certification
2000 – Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition with Helen Palmer & David Daniels, MD.
1995 – Certified DiSC Dimensions of Behavior Consultant
1988 – Certified Effectiveness Training for Women
1988 – Certified Effectiveness Training for Personal & Professional Development
1987 – Certified Leadership Effectiveness Training
1987 – Certified Parent Effectiveness Training

- Barbara Whiteside, Enneagram Trainer and Facilitator