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Maura Amelia Bonanno

Maura Amelia Bonanno

Certified Teacher Genova IT

More than 25 years fully and passionately involved in personal and spiritual growth and human development. All my work is dynamic and experience-rich, awakening, involving and supporting the three Centers.

I offer Enneagram courses for individuals, professional groups, schools, organizations, and anyone wanting to include and use the Enneagram to improve the quality of work, life and relationships. - Maura Bonanno


Cultural Anthropologist with specialization in Religious Ethnology
Certified Holistic Counselor Trainer

IEA Accredited Enneagram Teacher since 2010

Trained in Enneagram since 2002 with A. Racily, H. Palmer, P. O’Hanrahan, Don Riso, R. Hudson, C. Naranjo, G. Lapid Bogda, A. Isaacs, S. Maitri, O. Clouzot.

Founder of Enneagramma Integrale® and developer of Ennealkemia, an experiential and body-based approach to the Enneagram
Trained in Classical and Contemporary dance, Bioenergetics, Dance Therapy, Expression Primitive

Trained in Vipassana meditation, Osho Meditation techniques, Aura-soma, NLP and Creative Problem Solving

Enneagram teacher since 2005, leading workshops in Italian, English, and French

Director of The Enneagram Institute of Italy

Presenter of experiential workshops at the International Enneagram Association Conferences in Denmark, Portugal and US