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Moya Morris

Moya Morris

Certified Teacher
442890222930 Belfast Northern Ireland GB

Moya Morris lives and works in Northern Ireland. She has studied the Enneagram for more than 20 years and enjoys delivering courses to individuals, couples and groups. She is a graduate of the Enneagram Professional Training Programme.

She also offers Skype Enneagram Coaching Sessions for people who have self-identified their Enneagram Type. A basic understanding of the Enneagram is required to get the best from these sessions.

To talk about where you are with the Enneagram, and receive details about the sessions, the initial Skype call, which will last for 20 mins. is completely FREE

To arrange initial FREE Skype call, please request she adds you to her Skype contacts and she will respond within 24 hours

Moya's Skype Name: enneagram6