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Training Associates

Pamela Michaelis T +49404808099, Mob: +491702739339 website Hamburg Hamburg DE
Pamela Michaelis

I was born in Scotland, educated in London, where I trained as a programmer before moving to Hamburg, a beautiful town in northern Germany, where I now live with my husband of 40 years. I came across the Enneagram In 1991, while studying psychology and tr...

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Arlene Moore, MA 49620154012 website Hirschberg Baden-Wurtenberg DE
Arlene Moore, MA

Arlene Moore is an American who has lived and practiced counseling, therapy and training in Germany for 26 years. With Jürgen Gündel and Uwe Doll, she co-facilitates the Enneagram Professional Training Program in Germany, where she teaches and supervise...

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Brigitte Riom-Tendron 33 6 09 25 09 77 website ORVAULT Pays de la Loire FR
Brigitte Riom-Tendron

I am a trainer, consultant and coach for individuals and groups in a variety of companies, providing customized services that use the Enneagram with the theory and practice of new relational behaviors to create a more personalized management. After re...

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Eric Salmon, MBA +33 1 46 43 06 92 website Neuilly Paris FR
Eric Salmon, MBA

A former executive in international banking with an MBA from Dallas, I have taught he Enneagram full-time for 20 years in more than 10 countries to approximately 3000 participants. Author of five books including "The ABC of the Enneagram" translated in ni...

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Monica Tinoco +525554099799 website Mexico City FD MX
Monica Tinoco

I have a passion for bringing the Enneagram to organizations and helping people develop into becoming a better version of themselves. Integrating my business understanding with human developmental skills helps me work effectively with leaders and teams of...

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Laura Valtonen +358505825985 website Helsinki Helsinki FI
Laura Valtonen

Having grown up with the Enneagram, I started my Narrative studies in 2007 with David Daniels, certifying in 2009 with Peter O'Hanrahan. I have an undying love for the study of human nature, whether through anthropology, social work or the Enneagram. A...

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Michel Van den Borne website Brussels Europe BE
Michel Van den Borne

Co-founder of The Enneagram Corner (, a Belgian company created in 2010, I have the pleasure to present and practice the enneagram in dedicated trainings and workshops several times a year. Next to my enneagram activities, I am a consultan...

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Olivia Varin-Bernier 00 33 6 99 33 06 04 website MEUDON PARIS FR
Olivia Varin-Bernier

Human potential and human diversity have always been a concern in my life. I have a degree as a professional mediator and am an NLP master. Mother of four children, education is important to me, and naturally the Enneagram and mediation have been a ver...

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Jérôme Virouleau +33(0)670207871 website Orvault Nantes Pays de Loire FR
Jérôme Virouleau

I'm a trainer and a coach in our company, Regard9, and I have been training with Enneagram and applications in the Narrative Tradition for the last 14 years. I like working with the three centers and the subtypes in many situations, especially for lea...

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Certified Teachers

Brian Berry +44 (0)1344 772578 website Crowthorne Berkshire GB
Brian Berry

My principal business for the last 25 years has been market development projects for international publishers in the Middle East and Turkey. This included some training assignments using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which I’m qualified to adm...

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Maura Amelia Bonanno website Genova IT
Maura Amelia Bonanno

More than 25 years fully and passionately involved in personal and spiritual growth and human development. All my work is dynamic and experience-rich, awakening, involving and supporting the three Centers.

I offer Enneagram courses for individu...

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Kessuda Boonngamanong 6087727949 website Greater Philadelphia PA US
Kessuda Boonngamanong
RYT yoga, Enneagram and MBSR

Kessuda Boonngamanong is a mindfulness and yoga instructor. She is a life coach, who has spent the past 25 years working in mindfulness and yoga, and 15 years with the Enneagram. Originally based in Thailand, she now lives in the US. She created Enneag...

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