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Jennifer Joss, PhD 541-621-2137 Ashland OR US
Jennifer Joss, PhD

Jennifer Joss, PhD has been an executive coach and consultant to leaders for more than 20 years. She uses the Enneagram most often in the context of broader work designed to grow the performance, influence and impact of individual leaders, teams and organ...

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Kimberly Kalman 619-253-2747 website San Diego CA US
Steve Katzman 713-202-1942 website Houston TX US
Steve Katzman
Licensed psychotherapist

Steve Katzman began his career as a teacher, school principal and headmaster. As a therapist he has been in private practice for the last 25 years, working with individuals and couples, men's groups, and consulting to family owned/closely held business...

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Sarah Keely 571-269-3108 website Herndon VA US
Sarah Keely
Licensed Professional Counselor; Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for self discovery and spiritual transformation. As a certified teacher, I love to offer workshops that both explain the system and which offer experiential, interactive exercises which help it come alive. I find that ...

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Christy Kennedy 4157553358 website Scottsdale AZ US
Christy Kennedy
Culture Conscious

Leaders today face an impossible challenge, tasked with creating value for the business while also recruiting and retaining high-performing, well-adjusted teams. Yesterday’s corporate culture, where we showed up as our “work selves” but hid our “t...

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Susan Koet 224-619-4357 website Carlsbad CA US
Susan Koet

Susan Koet is a Collaboration Consultant and Life & Executive Coach with 15 years of experience in a wide variety of settings, both in Europe, the US and Asia.

Susan has worked in the areas of executive leadership, change management and cul...

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Joseph, Lai Yin Leung HK
Joseph, Lai Yin Leung

Joseph Lai Yin Leung is a Chief Consultant of Affluence Arising Consulting and Services Company and Limited. A Registered Social Worker in Hong Kong, he has been a professional social worker for 17 years. Joseph is also a Counselor and Psychotherapist. J...

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Marci Madary 6087382573 website Oak Park IL US
Marci Madary

Marci Madary is a Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition. She has taught the Enneagram in a variety of settings as well as worked one-on-one with individuals, using the Enneagram to help them understand themselves and interpersonal dyna...

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James Paul (JP) McIvor +353872849221 Dublin IE
James Paul (JP) McIvor

Founder of The Thinking Lab, James Paul McIvor has more than 30 years of successful experience as an entrepreneur and company director, having worked nationally and internationally with blue-chip manufacturing companies in the pharmaceutical, semi-conduct...

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Cheryl McMillan 330-472-2718 website Cuyahoga Falls OH US
Cheryl McMillan

Cheryl McMillan is an influential leader with more than 30 years of successful business experience at a variety of organizations, and has held a variety of positions from hands-on management to CFO, President and Board member. She is known for her ability...

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Jayne McRae website Spring TX US
Jayne McRae

Jayne McCrae - bio coming soon.


M. Ed..; Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition; AMS Certified

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Lorraine Miller 404-933-6524 website Centennial CO US
Lorraine Miller
Certified Life & Spiritual Coach, e-Cornell plant nutrition certified, Enneagram Practitioner in the Narrative Tradition

I grew up in New York and have lived in Missouri, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Colorado. I have been married for 25 + years and have two adult children. I received my certifications in Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching and Plant Nutritio...

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