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Linda Pino, JD 650-283-2962 website Redwood City CA US
Linda Pino, JD

Linda Pino believes in the exploration of the personality as a powerful tool for growth and transformation – personally, professionally, and in all of our relationships. Linda conducts individual typing interviews, consulting sessions on using the En...

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Andrea Purcell, RHN 613-250-0521 Ottawa and Toronto ON CA
Andrea Purcell, RHN

Andrea Purcell, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, has been studying the Enneagram since 2002. Andrea completed the Enneagram Professional Training Program teacher certification under Helen Palmer and David Daniels in 2010. She also completed Ginger Lapid-...

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William Schafer, PhD 734-769-3134 website Ann Arbor MI US
William Schafer, PhD

William Schafer, PhD, is a retired clinical psychologist with specialty in infant-toddler development. He is the author of "Roaming Free Inside the Cage: a Daoist Approach to the Enneagram and Spiritual Transformation."

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Josephine Seccombe (0044) 1865 553560 website Oxford UK GB
Josephine Seccombe

Qualified as a Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition in 2000, and now living in Oxford, my work is mainly with groups who live locally. These people include the ordained, lay, religious and those with no formal faith practice. As a Un...

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Charlotte Shepic 720-363-1241 Lakewood CO US
Charlotte Shepic
Spiritual Direction Training from Sursum Corda

Charlotte Shepic is a Spiritual Director trained through the Sursum Corda formation program in South Carolina and an ordained deacon in the Episcopal Church. At present her practice of Spiritual Direction includes private clients as well as women in pr...

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Renee Siegel 480-688-4999 website Scottsdale AZ US
Renee Siegel

I have worked in marriage and family therapy and the addictions field with both substance dependence and gambling problems for 35 years. I was introduced to the Enneagram 10 years ago and it has transformed my practice. I hold several licenses and certifi...

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Sandra Smith 828-684-2339 website Asheville NC US
Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith, M.Div. is founder and senior consultant for AlchemyWorks. She engages people at the core of who they are, exploring patterns and internal stories that prevent authentic connection with self and others. She teaches the Enneagram throughout th...

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Moira Spence +393400653786 website Rome IT
Moira Spence

Moira Spence is a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Enneagram Trainer based in Rome, Italy. She works extensively with individuals and teams around the world, in person and by Skype. Moira's expertise lies in working with people to develop lea...

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Judy Tan website Singapore SG
Judy Tan

Judy Tan is a professional counsellor since 2007, specializing in marriage and relationship counselling. She graduated with a Master degree in Counselling from Edith Cowan University and has in-depth knowledge and expertise in intimate relationship, human...

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Marie-Therese Tong website Scotts Valley CA US
Marie-Therese Tong

Marie-Therese Tong, PCC, is the Principal of Being & Becoming, specializing in coaching senior executives and teams executing in global markets. Therese is an executive coach, consultant and strategist with 18 years of corporate experience in national...

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James Gary Trantham 253-709-5739 Federal Way WA US
James Gary Trantham
MD, FAAFP, FAPA Integrative Coaching and Consulting, Mind-Body-Spirit

Integrative Coaching and Consulting Mind-Body-Spirit Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition Clinical Assistant Professor Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine University of Washington Medical Center Seattle, WA 98003 ...

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Paul Van der Grift 5617582747 website West Palm Beach US
Paul Van der Grift

Paul Van der Grift is retired from acting and documentary filmmaking. He has a Bachelors degree in International Affairs, with a minor in Social Work from Florida State University. He graduated in 1990, with honors, from New York University’s Film In...

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