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Pat O'Hanrahan

Pat O'Hanrahan

Certified Teacher
510-234-1600 San Francisco Bay Area CA US

Pat O'Hanrahan is a long-time student and enthusiast of the Enneagram, steeped in the Narrative (Oral) Tradition. I'm most thankful for meeting up with the Enneagram in my young 20's - it has been a gift in navigating my inner scape, and in relation to work, friendship, marriage and parenting our three children.

Guided through Intuition studies with Helen Palmer, plus 4th Way work and therapy with Kathleen Speeth, and an assortment of Holistic Healing and somatic trainings, toward the 1st public presentations of the Enneagram in Berkeley, CA in 1978 - I continue to host Enneagram panel classes throughout the SF Bay Area. And for many years, with my husband Peter, have had the opportunity for ongoing practice and support with Enneagram study groups and an array of workshops in our home. I have been working with the ESNT data base and as onsite co-ordinator for the training program in Menlo Park, CA for the past 10 years, and am also a typing coach/mentor for the EPTP teacher certification program.

I enjoy working with people individually, and in small groups, to help facilitate the personal growth process with awareness of Enneagram sourced applications toward deepening of understanding with self, and others in relationships. I offer Enneagram typing interviews, consultation, study and coaching sessions - either in person, by phone or on Skype.