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Sarah Walston

Sarah Walston

MA, MEd, LMHC, IEA Certified
Certified Teacher
206.933.8696 Shoreline WA US

Are you ready to take your Enneagram development to the next level?

I love to share the power of Enneagram with people, and am drawn to working in depth with those who want to use it as a tool for personal transformation. I strive to be articulate, compassionate and “appropriately provocative,” as I aim to evoke the highest capacity of everyone I work with.

I am a Certified Teacher in the Narrative Tradition, an Accredited Professional of the International Enneagram Association, and a student of The Diamond Approach.

Over the past 19+ years I’ve had the pleasure of studying the Enneagram from Daniels, Palmer, Condon, Maitri, Rohr, Riso and Hudson, and Renie Hope. Many other teachers have added to my understanding.

With masters degrees in Education and Applied Behavioral Science, and over 16 years in private practice as a mental health counselor, helping people align with their truth is a deep calling of mine. I have spent over 600 hours in various Enneagram trainings, and thousands of hours sharing it in one-on-one and teaching it to groups. I never tire of it!

- Do you want to transform the disconnection and conflict in your relationships?

- Are you ready to shift your self-limiting thoughts, feelings and actions?

- Are you “high functioning” but dissatisfied and unhappy at a soul level?

- Do you want to live a more authentic and meaningful life?

It is a sincere honor for me to work with people who are ready to live the lives their souls have been longing for.