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Having stumbled on the Enneagram by some force of “pure luck,” thanks to Dr. David Daniels, I certified in 2008 as an Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition. I do not believe there is a single day of my life now, irrespective of what I may be attending to, that the Enneagram’s wisdom does not inform nor influence — so thoughtfully, so insightfully, and so powerfully. 

My background began in marketing and the personal-best movement, having spent 25+years as a fitness spokesperson and instructor-trainer, then marketing director for a worldwide sports organization under the auspices of Japan’s Ministry of Sport, Science and Culture. That unique opportunity eventually parlayed into starting my own company, ChaelDion Group in 1997, specializing in communications design, multimedia and graphics, copy writing, and small-business consulting. This professional turn coupled with a very difficult divorce catapulted me into my own deeply personal awakening, one that took me from self-empowerment through physical fitness to self-development through Enneagram study. 

I am committed to bringing the Enneagram to those of us who want a chance at self-knowing and less intrapersonal suffering.I am particularly focused on the losses suffered as a result of childhood trauma and how those experiences are organized and dealt with, by type. I also have a huge place in my heart for those of us who have really gotten in trouble with our personalities, like those we find behind bars, like those we find struggling once released from prison, like those recovering from addiction, trauma, and relational sabotage. As one of the original founding board members and teachers for Enneagram Prison Project (EPP), I remain dedicated to bringing the Enneagram to those who may not necessarily seek it out on their own, but who so deserve the same chance I was given to learn this valuable map of self-and-other understanding — like those who are marginalized; or, the young mothers and fathers of the world just starting out. How the Enneagram could make a difference to their relationship to each other and to the relationship they have with their developing children is something of immense interest to me.

In 2018, The Enneagram, Relationships and Intimacy: Understanding One Another Leads to Loving Better and Living More Fully was published, a book I co-authored with Dr. David Daniels, a project David was tirelessly devoted to and that we had been working on for nearly 7 years at the time of his passing.