The Enneagram Narrative in Your Life: Heart Center

First in a series of free webinars on the Three Centers of Intelligence: Heart, Head and Body

heart triadThe Heart Center
With Renée Rosario , Core Faculty member
Hosted by Elizabeth Elkins Newcomer, ESNT Social Media Manager
Featuring Heart Center Panelists:
Cynthia S., Type 2, The Giver 
Delvin W., Type 3, The Performer
Annie D., Type 4, The Romantic 
The video recording of this webinar will be available in our online store. Please check back soon.
During this inaugural webinar Renée Rosario provides a brief overview of the Enneagram, interviews representatives from the Heart Triad, and answers questions from participants. The video is a great introduction to the Enneagram and to the Narrative Tradition of panelists sharing their personal stories and revealing their particular inner worlds and realities.
Each Enneagram type has a home base in one of the three centers of intelligence – head, heart and body – that shapes our way of being in the world. Everyone experiences all three centers, but each personality type has a particular strength or “home base” in one of them. This primary center influences our way of being in the world, and is an important key to overcoming blind spots and developing our potential. Balancing the three centers helps us achieve a more balanced life. 
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