The Enneagram Narrative in Your Life: Type Patterns and Their Inner Observer

Fourth in a series of free webinars
Last Tuesdays of the month
With Helen Palmer in conversation with Peter O’Hanrahan
Hosted by Elizabeth Elkins Newcomer
In this one-hour webinar, Helen Palmer in conversation with Peter O’Hanrahan, introduces you to our inborn faculty of spiritual perception commonly called the Inner Observer.
It seems only natural to observe the patterns of our mind and to hear the self-reports of people who see the world differently. Yet that simple turn of attention that self-reflection requires marks a giant leap in the evolution of consciousness. In the language of practice, self-reflection joins two different levels of consciousness. The conditioned level of embedded patterns in the neuropathways of our brain and the “pure consciousness” that notes those patterns as they arise. 

From the viewpoint of awakening we can internally witness our own type structure. We can recognize cognitive “neuromarkers” such as doubt, judgement and flattery when they appear, and before they become convincing. We can relax emotional passions that drive outer behavior and learn to “titrate“ somatic contraction that signals inner distress. (These capacities of mind demonstrate next stages of consciousness. For who but ourselves can choose to recognize and relax the reactive patterns that drive us instead of letting them run?)

This webinar can be viewed at no cost until August 29, 2016. After that time, you may download it from our online store for $15.
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